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I am a work from home, home schooling Mom who loves her Kids...yep, I think my kids are great. You will find me: Knitting, cross stitch, embroidery and working with felt are things I enjoy for fun. I also love to decorate and find deep satisfaction in decorating my home with great finds and my handmade items.  Gardening is one of my great loves, it like decorating outside!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recipe - Noodle Ring

I have started taking meat out of our diet, we are about 90% meat free.  I have been looking for interesting fun dishes for my family.  I came across this yummy  pasta dish and thought I would share it with you.

German Noodle Ring
1 Bag Egg Noodles
3 T Butter
3 T Flour
1/2 t Salt
1/2 t paprika
1/4 t Pepper
1 1/2 C Milk
1 C Swiss Cheese
2 Eggs, well beaten

Spoon cooked noodles into a buttered ring mold pan.
Melt butter in a saucepan. Blend in flour, salt, paprika and pepper. Heat until mixture bubbles, stirring constantly.
Slowly add milk stirring until blended. Bring it to a rapid boil, stirring constantly.
Add the cheese.
Reserve half of the sauce to use later.
Add beaten eggs to remaining sauce, blend well.
Pour over noodles in ring mold pan.
Put ring mold pan in a pan of very hot water.
Bake for 40 minutes.
Unmold onto a large platter, fill center with your favorite vegetables and pour remaining cheese sauce over noodles and vegetables.

As you can see this recipe is a big hit.  It is great for those picky eaters.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loving Self

Sometimes we struggle with how to take care of ourselves.  We wait for someone else to show appreciation, love, some sort of sign that they care.  Much too often we are let down and we feel resentful, unloved and lonely.   As for me I took the reigns in my own hands and started doing things that I wished others would do for me. 

I have bought myself :
Milk glass

I have treated myself to:
Bubble Baths
Long Walks
Afternoon Teas on the Patio
Strolls through gardens
Strolls through Antique Shops
Jaunt through a good used book store

Though sometimes the pocket book doesn't allow too many treats I always keep a pink rose in my room.  I have found if I use the little packet that comes with it (for one rose you only need half) it will last me two weeks.  This one is 10 days old and still amazing.  I use to think I got the Roses to appreciate their beauty...and I do.  But now I get the Roses to show them how beautiful I am.
Don't forget how special you are...even if others do.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Process Gnome Patterns

I had been looking for a pattern for some process Gnome Bean Bag Patterns and couldn't find any so I made my own up and am sharing them here.


1. I made a pattern that I liked the round squiggly circle is the beard (I thought of that after I sewed the face on)

2. I cut out two body's for each color and one face and one beard.

 3. I sewed the face on each using a blanket stitch.

4. I then did french knots for the eyes and a pink V for the mouth.  Then I sewed the beard on.                       5. I sew the Process symbol on the belly (put the wrong process on the wrong color, UGH!) But it still works.
6. I sewed around the edge using a blanket stitch leaving one leg open to stuff with beans, then sewed it shut.
If you make some send me your photo.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Canning Apple Butter Recipe

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

14-15 Apple about 13 cups chopped
4 Cups of Sugar
1 Cup Apple Cider
2 Teaspoons Cinnamon
1 1/2 Teaspoons Nutmeg

Wash, peel, core and chop apples (My handy dandy apple peeler, corer, slicer does it all for na...naaa)
Top with the rest of the ingredients stir in.

Cook on high for 7 hours add more Cider if it gets too thick.

Place in jars, they don't even need to be warm. Top with lids...they will seal on their own.

This is the easiest and best tasting Apple Butter I have ever made