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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ice Cycle Ornaments Christmas Craft

Ice cycle Ornaments  have become a tradition in our family.  We make them every year at Thanksgiving.  I have a deviled egg tray...don't has a lid and separate little dishes.  It holds the beads, wire, pliers and the hanging cord.  See not so funny now : p


Beads in any color, I prefer red because it's so Christmas, and glass, they catch the light and I am a bead plastic please.

Silver Crimping Beads

Thin jewelry wire, silver.

Jewelry pliers with cutter, or needle nose pliers with cutter.
String for hanging

A knitting needle or pencil (for twisting it into shape)

Lots of eager hands.

My Deviled Egg Tray
Eager Hands

1. Cut a piece of wire at least 6 inches.

2. Grasp the end with the needle nose pliers and twist (curl) it around the tip. This make for a nice end.  Next slide on a crimping bead down to curl and squeeze with the pliers.  The crimping bead gives a stopping point for the beads.

3. Slide on your decorative beads.  Leaving about 3 inches of wire at the end.

4.  Slide on another crimping bead.

5.  Bend over wire so that the end slides into the crimping bead and several of the decorative beads.  Squeeze the crimping bead with the pliers.

6.  Get a piece of string for hanging...I like the silver metallic.  Make it about 5-6 inches long and tie it on the end.

Ice Cycles and sometimes Alex likes to get fancy and make circles


Kara said...

Beautiful! I agree - the red glass beads are lovely, and they look so nice against the green. Very Christmasy!

thanks for the "how to" :-)

Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

How pretty ~ and what a fun craft for everyone in the family!