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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making Paper Stars

Materials List

Small squares of colored paper, I used 2 x 2 inch origami and 3 x 3 drawing paper.  2 sided Origami paper makes it very neat especially when the paper has a different color on each side (the red and green one).


Glue (stick glue works best, liquid glue warps it)

String for hanging


You need 5 squares to make the starburst.

1. Fold a square corner to corner so that the 2 corners meet.  Open and fold again on opposite corners.  Make sure you crease it well.

2. Turn the paper over and fold the square in half so the two sides meet.  Open and repeat on other side, creasing well.

3. Pull two corners over (like a triangle) and bring them together.  This will cause the other two sides to pucker in. 

Repeat this on all 5 pieces of paper.

Assembling The Starburst

1. Glue the first two pieces together, placing side to side.  Make sure the whole surface is glued.

2.  Glue another section onto the stack.  make sure the opened ends are together.

3. Repeat on all sections.

Adding The Hanger
1. Cut a long piece of silver string (or string of your choosing) and knot it.

2. Cover the stack top with glue. And lay the string on it.

3.  Bring the bottom layer all the way around, until it meets the top.  This will spread the layers apart making the star.  You may need to fidget with the layers a bit.


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