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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knitted Lace Pattern

I have a pair of pants that are floods and I never wear them.  So I decided to fiddle with my needles and come up with a lace pattern to attach to my pants.  And here it is...

Knitted Lace Pattern

Cotton Yarn 4 ply Worsted Weight (I used Peaches & Creme Black)
Size 5 needles
Darning needle

Cast on 5
Row 1: K1, yo, k2tog, yo, k2
Row 2 and every even row:  Knit
Row 3: K1, *yo, k2tog* repeat twice, yo, k1
Row 5: K1, *yo, k2tog* repeat twice, yo, k2
Row 7: K1, *yo, k2tog* repeat three times, yo, k1
Row 9: K1, *yo, k2tog* repeat three times, yo, k2
Row 11: K1, *yo, k2tog* repeat four times, yo, k1
Row 13: K1, *yo, k2tog* repeat four times, yo, K2
Row 15: Bind off 8, 1st on right needle, yo, k2, yo, k1
Row 16: Knit
Start over and repeat these sixteen rows until you reach your desired length then bind off and weave in the ends. 

I then attached the lace to my pants using cotton thread.   Adding over two inches to my pants.  I am flooding no more.


WonderWhyGal said...

What a great idea to spruce up pants. Love it! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

m.star_m said...

have you ever thought of using this pattern for a knitted crown? just measure the child's head, create enough points/lace to go around & then join, & place on head, point side up....what do you think?

Forest-Dweller said...

OH what a great idea! I love it.