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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This years Tangerine Marmalade brought a different kind of Abundance than last years. Last year friends from Florida caused the discovery of The tangy irresistible spread. Not only did there visit bring the joy of their company but a bag full of the orange orbs of sweetness. I cringe at the thought of waist and hunted for recipes for such a bounty and this scrumptious Marmalade was one of them.
This years Abundance craze started at a great sale at our local market, an idea from another dear friend, a ten year old Son wanting to show how grown up he was and me wanting to share the knowledge I have collected. The collaboration of all this along with a cutie-pie of a daughter and we made our first "How To" video. Alex is a born camera Man while Trinity makes the fruit even sweeter. We had so much fun creating this video, it gave us a chance to see what we were made of and enjoy each other in the process.
If I can develop my editing skills we will have our first video for sale on my blog spot before Christmas.

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