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Thursday, December 30, 2010

White Christmas

For the First Time since I have been living in Georgia We had a white Christmas.  It started snowing Christmas Day...we all agreed that it was the best gift ever.
" I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...
 Where the tree tops glisten..."
I hope everyone had the magic of a Christmas Snow.


Little House On The Mesa said...

Isn't that something? I was so disappointed after leaving Florida that we did not have a white Christmas here in northern NM. We even joked that it would probably snow in Florida since we had left, lol and I've never had a white Christmas.

Forest-Dweller said...

LOL I think you would have had a white Christmas out west. I would send some your way but I am being piggish about it.

Kelly said...

So special. I love the squirrel and bird. Wonderful visitors. Happy season to you.