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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Craft Flower Power Posy Pattern

These are easy and allot of fun to make.  Leave off the stem and attach it to my headband or belt pattern (see right side bar on blog).  Sew several on a scarf, jacket or shirt.  Attach a pin to add zip to a collar or hat.

Size 10 Knitting needles
Size 8 double pointed needles (just two)
Spare Yarn: I used two strands of sock weight for the posy and worsted for the stem and flower center     bobble.
Contrasting yarn for marker
Pipe Cleaners
Darning needle

Cast on 82 stitches
Bind off first stitch and place a marker

*Bind off next 16 stitches and place a marker* repeat *-* till end. Cut off leaving a 12 inch tail.
Thread darning needle with tail and draw yarn through each marked stitched and through the last bound off stitch. Removing the markers as you go.

Pulling the yarn tightly and knot the ends together.  Cut off tail.
Cast on 41
Bind off your first stitch and place a marker.
*Bind off the next 8 stitches and place another marker* repeat *-* till end.
Finish off like the larger flower leave the tails on.
Draw tails through larger flower tie off and cut.


Cast on 5 stitches
K 3 rows
Cast off 3 stitches
Cast off 2 stitches
Cut off 12 inch tail.
Thread your darning needle and weave around the edge so you can draw it up. Tie it off once drawn up and attach to center of flower with tail.

Using double pointed needle cast on 4 stitches work in I-Cord
Work 5 rows then push your pipe cleaner down in the I-Cord
Continue working in I-Cord making sure you keep the yarn to the outside of the pipe cleaner.  Craw yarn through all 4 stitches.  Cut off leaving a 12 inch tail.  Thread tail and attach to back of flower.



Rene' Sharp said...

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment, I really do appreciate it. Have a great week further :)

no spring chicken said...

Seems simple, now my head is spinning with ideas of how I could use them! Thanks for sharing this fun pattern!!

Blessings, Debbie

Aoife said...

Thank you so much..I've spent ages looking for flower patterns in the knit format.. :0) much appreciated and I've four done in different needle gauges and different wool types and they are all georgous..thank you again