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I am a work from home, home schooling Mom who loves her Kids...yep, I think my kids are great. You will find me: Knitting, cross stitch, embroidery and working with felt are things I enjoy for fun. I also love to decorate and find deep satisfaction in decorating my home with great finds and my handmade items.  Gardening is one of my great loves, it like decorating outside!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Grandfather Clock

I am so excited!This news had to be shared...
Almost Ten years ago my father gave me this Grandfather clock.  I could never get it to it became a big beautiful non running decoration reminding me of a lovely childhood.

Last week we cleaned the carpets and moved furniture around and something tall needed to go in a particular narrow spot. Alex suggested the Grandfather clock...goodness it would look good and maybe it would work again...So we did and it started ticking!  Ever so gently the weights and the pendulum where hung.  I checked it for plum and adjusted it to be perfectly level... Holding my breath I nudge the pendulum into motion and it started humming. After I set the hours and moon dial I gave it a good polish.

But the best part of this clock is a plaque that rest inside.  See this clock was an anniversary gift that my parents (Stepfather and Mother) bought for each other on their first anniversary.  They are the only couple I have ever know that were truly in love with each other.  As a child I would wake to the chiming of the clock and hear its warm ticking sound.  Down the hall my parents would be laughing and chatting in the kitchen as they did their Sunday morning ritual....turn on the coffee pot, go for a stroll, make breakfast together then just sit and soak up the warmth of each others company.  Their love for each other extended to me and my sister, my childhood was full of hugs, kisses and laughter.

It is a privilege to have this in my home.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Washington Pie for Washingtons Birthday

I thought I would have some fun and celebrate the Birthday of our first president with some Washington Pie
As impressive and sexy as this cake looks it was a cinch to make.  It being so simple makes it a great show off cake, so I invited my girlfried over with her kids...she things I am a home making deva.  Shhhh don't tell her the truth.

Washington Pie
1 Stick of butter at room temp
1 Cup of Agave (or sugar)
2 large eggs
1 2/3 Cup all purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 Cup whole milk
4 T Kirschwasser
1 18oz jar raspberry preserves
Powdered sugar to decorate the top

Oven 350

Grease and flour two round cake pans.  Line the bottom with wax paper, be sure to flour and grease the wax paper as well.
Cream together the sugar and butter.  Add the eggs one at a time mixing well in between.
Mix the flour and the baking powder together.
Alternate adding the milk and the flour mixture to the butter and eggs.  Beginning and ending with the milk.  Beat until it is light and fluffy, this is a very thick batter.
Spoon batter into pans and spread out the best you will spread some.
Bake for 20 minutes, the cake will pull away from the sides of the pan when it is done.
Let them rest for 10 minutes.
Invert onto cooling racks and peel the wax paper off and let cool completely.
In the meantime stir the raspberry jam and kirshwasser together.
Cut the cakes in half so you have four layers.
Place one layer on your cake plate and spread with jam mixture.  Repeat two more times then place the last layer on top and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  You can make the top pretty by cutting out a wax paper round like a snow flake or paper doily.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Im Expanding

Dear Friends...I am so happy you come by and visit me.  But I have run out of room...So I have expanded The Handmade Homemaker into two other blogs.

The first is my Gardening Blog I call Marigold Mondays It is where I share all my Gardening adventures.

The Second is Kingdom of The Sun It is where I share all my kid stuff and Home school fun.

All the rest of the cooking, crafting and homemaking will still be here at The Handmade Homemaker for you to enjoy.

So come check me out as I work on my new blog spots...I am working on a bunch of things I cant wait to share with everyone.

With All That I Am
Carrie Forrest-Dweller Duvall