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Monday, June 2, 2014

Foe Stained Glass Rose Window

This has turned out to be one of the best windows I have done to date.  This window is all foe and the process is simple.
First The Room without the view, In fact its a nasty view.
Its hard to see all the trash but its there, imagine looking at that everyday.
The rotten fence is down and fast growing evergreens have been planted,
it still would take awhile for them to mature.  So I made my own view.
Now for the cover up.
From start to finish and working till my hands got tired (2-3 hours at a time)
It took me about three weeks.
(how do you like my polka-dot nails?)
Oh this view is much better, and I can take it with me.
I added teeth hangers to the back of the frame and
put nails in the window frame. It comes off east but is
very stable on the window.

I tried to leave some space for the cats to look out when they
are on their perch.  Surprising, they don't seem to mind...usually
they take every moment to point out their displeasure with humans.

OK What I needed to make this window
18 X 24 Frame with Glass
Black Sharpie (Tracing)
Color Markers to color in the pattern
 1Gallery Glass Liquid Leading
Exacto knife
Gallery Glass Colors:
(2) #16022 Clear Frost
(1) #16008 Kelly Green 
(1) #16851 Green Shimmer
(1) 16007 Cocoa Brown
I purchased a cheap frame with glass.  (then I accidentally broke the glass and had to get new glass)
I took the liner in the know the paper that backs the glass and has the price and a picture of overly happy people.I flipped it over a drew a grid.  Make sure you can hang your frame without wires going across the back and it will be secure on the window.
I found a picture of inspiration online and printed it, then drew a grid over that.  NOTE:  You have to have the same number of squares on your inspiration picture you printed and the paper liner.  The squares will not be the same size you just have to have the same number of squares.
Once the grid was drawn out I then started drawing in the flowers, leaves, stems and such.  Taking each box at a time.  I did not do an identical copy I left something's out and added flowers, leaves and stems as I saw fit.  I colored in the leaves and flowers with colored markers as I went (do not use crayons they will stick to the back side of your glass)  The lines can get really jumbled to the eye and coloring it helps visualize the patter and make adjustments.  And its easier to follow when coloring with the liquid glass.
With that finished I put the paper and glass back in the frame facing the front with the glass on top.  This kept me from having to tape the paper onto the glass and kept it stable and easy to work with.  It also showed me where I had to stop at the edge.
Now I traced my black lines with the liquid leading.  If you make a blob DO NOT WIPE IT let it dry and continue on.  You can come back to your blobs and neaten them up with the exacto knife just cut out what you don't want.  You can peel this stuff if you make a mistake just let it dry and peel it away.
Once the lives were traced I started coloring in...this was the fun part.  In the clear area I marbled clear frost and snow white,  I wanted it more opaque.  Then with my roses I did marbling on each leaf with two or more of snow white, Rosy Pink and Magenta rose.  The leaves were marbled with Kelly Green and Green Shimmer.  The stems were Cocoa Brown I made it thicker in some parts this gave the illusion of shading.
 NOTE: put it on thick and take it all the way to the leading.  If you feel its too thin you can put a second coat on.  BUBBLES: Don't go too fast you will have too many bubbles, you can pop the bubbles with the tip of the bottle or a tooth pick.
DRYING:  I laid it flat every night since I put it on so thick.  But if you are doing it directly on a window apply it thinner and add another coat to darken it up if you want. 
I think I covered everything if you have any questions please leave a comment or e-mail me.
There are several ways to purchase Gallery Glass first just order it on amazon by clicking the link below.  They way I did it...being frugal.. was use coupons or apps at Hobby lobby.  This meant I had to buy one at a time as you can only use one coupon per person per visit.  But to make it easier I took my kids handed each a coupon, bottle and some cash. 
In total for the frame and  8 Gallery Glass bottles ( not including the new glass and I already had the other supplies)  I spent $44.02.  To purchase from amazon would be $51.44 without shipping and without the frame.  The frame was 50% off, Hobby Lobby puts their frames on sale all the time.


DianeM said...

Your window glass is beautiful! It must be gorgeous with light streaming through it <3 I have always wanted a stained glass picture to hang in the window....thank you for all the info on how to do this :)
Smiles, DianeM

Sue said...

You do amazing work!!

Carrie Duvall said...

Thank you so much and it is just lovely...Im proud of it.
Hey Sue, I have been stopping by and checking out your garden. I always enjoy your post and your lovely place.