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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cheap Eating Out

We all like to eat out or sometimes we have to eat on the go. But it is so expensive, I have a way of curbing that cost and still enjoying a meal out without breaking the bank. First know your town, don't order pizza from the chains. I get mine from an Italian restaurant that uses fresh ingredients, makes its own dough and hand tosses the pizza. If I order out the pizza is buy one get one free. So I get two One topping pizzas for $11.00. While Dad gets the pizza the kids and I toss a salad.
Next if you know you are going to be out and will have to get some fast food. Take your own drinks, We each have our own special containers. Also keep snack size bags on hand to throw some finger treats in. The store brand pretzel and crackers are $1.00 for a bag. Now all you have to do is buy the sandwiches and you saved well over $1.00 each on drinks and fries, In my family of four that's $8.00 saved. I recommend taking your time ordering. Scan the menu, see what your kids want. If they both want the same thing or close to it. It may be cheaper to order off the Adult menu and split it. My son and I like the Chicken bite sandwiches at Chili's it comes with four sandwiches and a mountain of fries, the meal is under $8.00. It way beats the $20.00 meal deal they have. Mexican food is always cheap as long as you stay away from the chain restaurants. First you get a basket full of chip and a bowl of salsa. And they will refill it. FREE FOOD. I love re-fried beans and Mexican rice. So I just order a plate of that. They usually charge me $2.00 - $4.00. I put salsa on it and scoop it up with the chips. My kids like to eat the same thing so I order an adult dish for $6.00. We drink water and we leave stuffed. Allot of restaurants will have a sign out front "Kids eat Free on ________. "That's the day you go out to eat. Keep your eyes open. Scan the menu and know what your family eats so you can find two of a kind and pare them up to share. I mean really with the portion sizes you can almost feed three.
One last tip, Take out! Order some fried rice and toss in whatever leftover meat and veggies you have on hand. And do it up nice at home, I have a slew of linens from yard sales just for this. You can make your own fancy restaurant at home. Or dinner and a movie, Or how about a picnic in the yard or on the living room floor. Get out the good china light the candles and grin from ear to ear knowing how little you have spent for the abundance in front of you, your about to chow down on.

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