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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cheap Skin Care

Skin Care on the Cheap

When I reached my thirty-fifth birthday I became allergic to everything. Even washing my hair with shampoo made my neck and back itch from rinsing it off. I spent a fortune on trying to find something to nourish and cleans myself with. All of it left my skin red and bumpy and my
wallet empty. In my search I found three things I cant live without. Baking Soda, Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Baking Soda should be one of the seven wonders of the world. It doe’s so many things and’s one more. Exfoliation, and its cheap. I keep a plastic jar of it in my shower. Once a week I rub myself down from head to toe with it, and I feel like I have new skin. Its cheap so I can afford to do this as often as I like and I can pick up a box at the grocery store, no extra trips. Where else can you get an exfoliate for less than a dollar.

I use to get red, round, itchy bumps on my skin. Someone told me the clinical term for what they were once, but I don’t remember and really knowing the term didn’t make them go away. At the age of nineteen I discovered the wonders of olive oil, long before it became the in thing. I rub this on my body before getting out of the shower. Before I get dressed the oil is absorbed in my skin and I feels so soft and supple. So next to the baking soda I have a big container of olive oil.

Not the best smelling thing but boy can it make my hair shine. Twice a week after I wash my hair, I fill a plastic cup half full of vinegar and half full of water. I dump in on my hair, being careful not to get it in my eyes (it can really burn). I go on to wash my body then I rinse my hair with warm water. Then do a quick cold rinse, so I don’t freeze myself to death I turn the shower off before I turn the hot water off, bend over and fill up the cup with the cold water and rinse again. I then have a towel ready for my head so I don’t drip cold water down my back. You won’t believe how shiny your hair will be. And when it drys it doesn’t to the oil I have my vinegar.

Please remember to put these things in plastic containers as glass can easily slip out of our wet or oily hands and break.

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