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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Caspian our Cat has had a rough life and it seems he is having a tough time again. He is in need of loving thoughts and prayers.
Caspian was adopted before Thanksgiving of 2009. He has the saddest eyes I have ever seen. We found out that he was on the street and taken in by a shelter that didn't treat the animals very well. He was then rescued by the lady we adopted him from at Pets Mart. He is a very loving cat and seems grateful for any attention given him. So we give him allot! He has a special bed and toys and though I don't allow animals on my furniture we wound up putting a towel down on the back of the chair in this picture. He seemed to be overjoyed with a soft place to sleep.
This morning Alex was very worried about him. He could see him out the front window under a tree. He went out to check on him and found him covered in blood. Our Caspian had been hit by a car. Lucky the X-Ray showed no signs on any internal energy...we are still not certain if his jaw is broken or not. His lower lip area has a deep cut and his tong has several lacerations on it from him biting it. He also has a laceration on his leg and will have to have one of his teeth extracted.
They have him sedated now and will do surgery on his lip tomorrow. While he is under they will check his jaw. When they X-Ray him they found be bee pellets, evidently someone had been shooting at him. We don't know if it was before we got him or after and there is no way of telling.
I now understand the sadness in his eye and his deep show of gratitude for our love. We are eager to give him more of that when he gets to come home.

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