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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gardening around a Phone Pole

What to do when you have a hidiouse phone pole? COVER IT UP!
No really, but do it with pazas.

What you will Need.




Something to cut the Twine

Nails with big heads


Morning Glory seeds

Sweet Alyssum seeds


A Really Cute Helper

First dig all the grass around the pole and about 12 inches out, like a mote.
Then dig down two more inches.
Now hammer nails around the base about 2-3 inches apart and have them pointing down at an angle. (your going to slip twine around it and don't want it to slip off). Get these as close to the base as you can.
Now get out the ladder and hammer nails as high as you can on the phone pole. This time have them angled up towards the sky.
Are you ready for a different kind of step work out?
Take the twine and tie a lope in it and attach it to one of the bottom nails.
Then hold the twine as you climb the ladder and loop it around one of the top nails.
Cut and tie it off.
Do this all the way around your phone pole. They don't have to be perfectly straight. You just need to give your morning glories something to grab onto.
Fill the mote with some really good compost or soil.
Sprinkle your Morning glory seeds next to the phone pole.
Sprinkle the Sweet Alyssum about an inch in from the grass edge.
Have a really cute helper water while you put up all the tools.
The packet says that the Morning Glories will grow 10feet. But I have had mine go into the trees and down the lines. Be careful on the ladder.

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