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Friday, August 6, 2010

Lawn Care

Most know me as a flower bed Girl always grooming my beds adding something new, moving something, dividing plants, trimming and weeding.  I can be found behind the mower as well.  Though the riding lawn mower gets the job done much faster you get to know your lawn better when you push mow.  Its a better work out for the badonka butt too.

Spring and fall is the usually time for lawn enthusiast, but I tend to my lawn year round.  Not only is it therapeutic for me but for my lawn.  Grass farms feed their grass twice a month that is way more than twice a year.

Tools I use:
Large Bucket (5 gallons)
Measuring cup

Hose End Sprayer

Most of the Hose End sprayers I have come across have some sort of chemical fertilizer that comes with them.  Go ahead and toss that nasty stuff out.

First Step no matter what the Season you start in:

Give your lawn a bath and a meal
The day before I fertilize, I water deeply or after a rain. 
Make a bath solution in your bucket
1/4 cup Organic Liquid Fertilizer (full of minerals and food)
1/2 cup Liquid dish soap any brand will do (gets rid of bugs, disease, pollutants, makes the other stuff stick)
1/2 can of beer (Decomposes thatch and for some decomposes the brain)
1/2 cup Ammonia (nitrogen, good for green leaves)

Fill your hose end sprayer half full of the solution and have at it. Not only do I spray my lawn but I spray my flower beds as well.

Always wear your lawn spike sandals or golf shoes when you do anything on your lawn.


Two weeks later I SWEETEN my Lawn
I don't usually use lime on my lawn.  I have a fire ring and the wood ash from the burnt wood sweetens the lawn and is a good source of potassium.  If you do not have a fire ring use the nugget style lime (its not so dusty).  When I use my spreader I add sand and Grits to whatever I am putting down.  That way I can can go back and forth one way and then the other without over feeding.  The grits help with ants it makes them explode when they eat it not a prity sight.

I sweeten my lawn four times a year.

Two weeks later dry fertilizer
I use an organic dry fertilizer for the lawn again mixing in the sand and grits.  I follow the amount given on the bag.

Once a month I mix my hose end sprayer solution minus the beer.  I only add the beer four times a year.  So a six pack go's a long way.  I don't dry fertilize again until the fall when I seed.

My first spreading of seed is added to my dry fertilizer in the spring and in the fall.  If I have any seed left I will apply it with my next dry application.

Free Lawn Care
I have two children who love to push around the spreader.  After instructing them on what to do I let them have at it.  They get to spread going back and forth one way and I get to do the other way.

I enjoy my lawn year round, I always walk on my lawns and encourage my family and friends to enjoy it as well.  I didn't do all this care just to look at it.

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