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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tree Lanterns and luminaries

My friend gave me this idea of Lanterns at her Michaelmas celebration. We go camping for Thanksgiving and I wanted to make it extra special.  So I made the Lanterns to hang in the tree and for night walks and the luminaries to go around the camp sight.  I cant wait to see what it will look like.


Items you will need
Cardboard liquid containers (milk, OJ, Creamer)
Black spray paint
Colored Tissue paper
Hole Punch
Wire Coat hangers
Tea Lights
Wire cutter pliers

How to Make
First cut holes in sides of containers and cut top off.  Make sure you leave room at the bottom for sand and light (see photo).

Using hole punch punch holes on opposite side of container for coat hanger to go in.

Paint, let dry.

Cut tissue paper a little larger than the holes.  Glue them into the inside of container.

Cut wire hanger and bend ends to fit in holes.

Put sand in bottom and add light.

These are easy for children to carry and hang well in the trees. 


Items you will need
paper bags
Tissue paper
tea lights

How to make
First cut out template of leaf shapes.  I used leaves in my yard as examples.  

Trace out on brown paper bags, and cut out shape.

Cut and glue tissue paper to inside of bags.  

Add sand to the bottom and tea light.

These are great for lining pathways and defining areas. 

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Linda said...

These are lovely Carrie!