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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tasty Tuesday - Preserving Peaches

I'm just Preserving Peaches...and showing off some of my milk glass collection here in Georgia.

What your Gonna Need
Wide mouth pint jars with two piece lids
Lemon juice
Lots of pots and towels

Have your jars sterilizing in a not quite boiling water bath.  A water Bath is a large pot that can hold canning jars and is deep enough to cover the lids with water.  They sell pots like this with a rack but you can just use a really big pot.  Slip your rings around the jars to heat them up and sterilize them as well.  Do not put the seal part of the lid in yet. Do that about a minute or two before you are ready to seal the jar.

Make your syrup
You can make your syrup as heavy or as light as you want it.
Light: 1Cup of Sugar to 4 Cups of Water
Medium Light: 2 Cups of Sugar to 4 Cups of Water
Medium: 3 Cups of Sugar to 4 Cups of Water
Heavy: 4 Cups of Sugar to 4 Cups of Water
In a pot, add the sugar and the water together, heat it up but, do not bring it to a boil until you are ready to pour it over the peaches. 

Make your Fix
The fix keeps your peaches pretty, no body likes nasty brown peaches. They sell something commercially but for me canning is about using simple ingredients so that I know what is in my food.
1 Teaspoon of Salt
1 Teaspoon of Lemon juice
1 Gallon Water

Set this to the side

Peel your peaches like you would a tomato.  Set them in boiling water for no more than 60 seconds.  Then put them in a bowl of Ice water.  (I do about three peaches at a time) Gently peel the skins off, slice them in half pull the pit out ans scrape the red membrane out (this will make them bitter if you don't) Put them in the prepared fix. They can rest in this while you peel your other peaches, but no more than 20 minutes.

Fill The Jars
Turn up your syrup to bring it to a boil.

Remove jars and rings from water bath and place seals in water bath. Turn this up as well to a low boil.

Gently rinse the peaches and pack them in the jars.

Fill to withing a 1/4 inch from top of jar with syrup. 

Place seal on top then close it with a ring and put it in the water bath.  Repeat until you used up all your peaches. 

Keep bath at a low boil for 20 minutes.  Remove jars from water and let rest...then you will hear the glorious popping noise of your lids sealing.  Once cooled take lots of photos because they are just so pretty. Pretty as a Peach.


Sue said...

Super Simple Directions. THANK YOU!
I have been wanting to try canning for years. My son just bought me a steam canner. I'm going to come back again and again to this page---probably so often you'll think I'm a loon, but really, these are the best directions I've seen. I'll let you know how I did.......

Carrie Duvall said...

Sue I am so happy that someone is getting something out of my canning obsession. I have been preserving food since I could stand on a stool next to my Nan. Any questions just let me know.

With All That I Am
Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"