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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The House of Unhappy Ending

Our Story-
Tragedy on Temple Street
The House of Unhappy Endings
By: Carrie Forrest-Dweller Duvall
Comming to Book Store Near You in 2013
In 1997 The Duvall Newlyweds purchased their first home together, a quaint little bungalow snuggled in a small town. The couple ready to make it their own, filling it with children and memories had no idea of the history surrounding the cottage, or the horrors that never left.
Silently the Duvall's were watched from a distance by dark looming figures. As their family grew, the wife started noticing odd occurrences and had a feeling of uneasiness. After the second child was born, the monsters came out of the shadows and started tormenting mother and daughter.
The father shrouded in disbelief, and older Son unable to comprehend or help found themselves alienated from the pair.
This is a true story, about a family torn apart by the unimaginable. A mother search for release from the horror, a husbands possession, a daughters harassment from the dead and a Sons gentle support. This is the house of unhappy endings.


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