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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy Week

Catching up with everyone...
First and most important...Trinity's getting her two front teeth for Christmas this year!  Hallelujah.  She has been without her teeth for five years!  She had a partial in for awhile, but it messed things up.  She said she wants to eat corn on the cob for Christmas dinner.  Lovely photo, don't you think?

Can you see the rainbows in my room?  I have three crystals in my window that I reposition through the day so I can have rainbows.  I would love to have my whole window full.  I will be moving out of this the small room and into the big room.  Brother and Sister have finally separated.  YEAH!  And now I get a bigger room.  More room to work from.  This means re-doing this ugly furniture.
See the ugly dresser and the side table?  YUCK! I cant complain it was free. But I can refinish them...that's another blog entirely.
Still frugal gardening...I have been collecting seeds, along with a few spiders that get shaken onto the paper towel. 

The kitten that wondered into our life got spayed.  So we have been babying her.  We named her Sophia after Sophia Patrillo on the Golden Girls.  Shes little, cute and feisty.

Have a great week all, I hope to get the chance to post the knitting I have finished

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Sue said...

Congrats to Trinity. Five years is a LONG time to wait for teeth!