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I am a work from home, home schooling Mom who loves her Kids...yep, I think my kids are great. You will find me: Knitting, cross stitch, embroidery and working with felt are things I enjoy for fun. I also love to decorate and find deep satisfaction in decorating my home with great finds and my handmade items.  Gardening is one of my great loves, it like decorating outside!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Recycled Knitted Throw Rug

  $3.99 Click Button to download pattern

I know it looks strange but this is the coolest project I have ever created!

I cant wait till I'm done so I can share the finished product.

This project is made from recycled bags and it is the cushiest throw rug...I think just one more grocery store trip and I will have enough to finish it.

This is a great "Go -To" project, because you can only work on it when you have bags.

I will be sharing this on my Ravelry as soon as I am done and I will Link it here.

Now you know what to do with all those bags and you wont feel so guilty when you forget your fabric ones at home.


Spinster Beth said...

That sounds like a throw-rug that will last forever!

Carrie Duvall said...

I think your right...just hose it down.

Katie M said...

This is such a cool idea!

bookworm-Mary said...

I've made some re-usable grocery bags from plastic grocery sacks before! It's quite fun! I love the look of your rug!

DaffodilAngel said...

Greetings from Tasmania. Lovely rug and I would definitely like to make one of these - will keep an eye on Ravelry. Thank you.

karen said...

I've seen this before and I think it's a clever way to reuse bags if one doesn't recycle! Looking forward to the finished project :)

sustainablemum said...

I'm intrigued....

Carrie Duvall said...

Thank you for all your comments...I am almost there!