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I am a work from home, home schooling Mom who loves her Kids...yep, I think my kids are great. You will find me: Knitting, cross stitch, embroidery and working with felt are things I enjoy for fun. I also love to decorate and find deep satisfaction in decorating my home with great finds and my handmade items.  Gardening is one of my great loves, it like decorating outside!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP Baby/Toddler Gnome Beanie

Well I am still working on the pattern for this Beanie, Some of the things I did on the blue one didn't turn out as I liked.   I thought I would get fancy with the blue one and do a two color ribbing. It gives it a neat look but it doesn't have the give to fit snug around the face and it wanted to roll back on itself.  So I added an I-cord around the face to prevent it.  Also the bottom of the beanie wants to roll as well so I am adding an I-Cord to that as well.

Improvements on the pattern (burgundy and green one) are the basic K1 P1 ribbing and around the base of the Beanie I am using a seed stitch as a border so it wont roll.  All in all I really like the pattern and how different it looks when you switch around the colors.  I think I wll be happier with it when its blocked.  Blocking always seems to work some sort of magic.

Since I have been at the dentist all week and am really groggy from pain meds, I should get them finished as I am just sitting around the house.  Thats why this post is so utterly in a fog.

Happy Knitting Everyone, I hope to stop by and visit posted projects and leave a comment.  I try to do it every Wednesday and Friday.  I got to support my knitting buddies.


Donna said...

What cute beanies!

Feel better - dental pain is just awful. Who would think that little teeth could cause such huge pain.

Kristina said...

I am VERY impressed with your color work on this. These are so cute.

Carrie Duvall said...

Thanks Donna, it gives me an excuse to just rest and knit.
Kristina: I really enjoy work with different colors. Thanks

Mlissabeth said...

The fair isle knitting is so impressive to me. You are doing great work!

Cathie J said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. I love the beanies you are knitting!

Spinster Beth said...

They're gorgeous ... I love Fair Isle so much!