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Friday, January 7, 2011

Prayers for Caspian

Our dear sweet Caspian is in trouble again. 
 We are not sure what is going on.  I had been treating him for ear mites (he had black goo in his ears) to no avail, so I took him to the vet.
 They said he had allergies, gave him a shot and gave me ear drops.  His head started tilting and he had trouble walking, he quit eating and drinking. 
I took him back to the vet they said he was having a reaction to the medication and was dehydrated.  He has been there over a week now.  He has an IV for fluids and they have started force feeding him.  They have been running test and cannot find what is wrong with him.  They are going to give him an appetite stimulant to see if he will eat on his own. 
Prayers, positive energy and love...for our dear Cat are greatly needed.  Prayers for the vets to find out what is going on with him as well. 
He is such a dear boy, everything we do for him he has been so grateful for.  Relishing in our love, attention and a soft warm, safe place to sleep.  He was adopted by a rescue shelter who rescued him from a bad shelter, who got him off the street.  
When we adopted him he had sadness in his eyes...we loved that right out of him. 


Anonymous said...

I will certainly be praying for your dear Caspian. I hope he is better soon and can get back with you all ~
Our pets are part of our family too ~ it breaks my heart when one is sick.

WonderWhyGal said...

He is a beautiful cat. Sending positive vibes his way

mirsini's creations said...

I wish your lovely cat gets well soon. I'm sending you my positive thoughts.

Forest-Dweller said...

Thank you all for your warm prayers, vibes and well wishes for our guy. We just came from visiting him and taking him is favorite snuggle toy...yes he does snuggle toys. He did eat...the gave him meds to make him hungry. We still are not sure what is wrong. We think it could be an inner ear infection. Once he is more stable they will put him under to take a look. He doe's look better, with the IV of fluids and force feeding he looks less like a bag of bones. I don't even want to mention what the other possibilities could be. We hope to have him home soon. But know he is getting more of what he needs where he is. Trinity...Caspian is her cat...started crying when we left the vet...she wanted to have him home...I did too. But we agreed that they could give him more of what he needed and we could make the most of our visits. They let us stay as long as we want...encouraging us to encourage him to eat.
Big hug to all
Thank you
With all that I am

Ashley said...

Oh he looks so precious. I'm so sorry and I hope and pray that everything works out okay.

Carol said...

I hope that Caspian is doing well.

herbalcat said...

Healing energies for Caspian. My mother's cat had those same symptoms at one time and was diagnosed with kitty vertigo. We gave her Dramamine "as per vet". It took her a few weeks but it did pass. Good luck.

Rachel Willow'z Design said...

I will say a prayer for good news for Caspian. I know the fear that your going through. Last year my baby dog Sophie got into leftover turkey and spent 5 days in the vet do to a almost ruptured pancreas. We found out she is deathly allergic to turkey.

windtea said...

I hope he will get better soon.