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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Process Gnome Patterns

I had been looking for a pattern for some process Gnome Bean Bag Patterns and couldn't find any so I made my own up and am sharing them here.


1. I made a pattern that I liked the round squiggly circle is the beard (I thought of that after I sewed the face on)

2. I cut out two body's for each color and one face and one beard.

 3. I sewed the face on each using a blanket stitch.

4. I then did french knots for the eyes and a pink V for the mouth.  Then I sewed the beard on.                       5. I sew the Process symbol on the belly (put the wrong process on the wrong color, UGH!) But it still works.
6. I sewed around the edge using a blanket stitch leaving one leg open to stuff with beans, then sewed it shut.
If you make some send me your photo.

1 comment:

MamaWestWind said...

Love these! I have to make some for our HS. Thanks!